Let's get tropical
Let's get tropical
Rowan - (Rawan, Roanne) - Roro -
18, Lebanese
Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love. (via nauticalneurotic)

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I just told my mom that I’m hungry and she just laughed at me and was like, “kele khara.” :( My dad never believes me when I tell him that my mom always swears at me and makes fun of me. He’s all like “Ya Rawan, shu hal haki? 3ayb. Don’t say that about your mom.” Like she’s such a snake :(

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I love autumn because you can break and regrow and the trees accept it.
Because you can have a cold heart and cold fingertips and you will feel at home.
Because when you wake up early and smell coffee and rain you know today will be a day of change, no matter what.
Because everything around us is dying but you are still here. Every day you can tell autumn ‘I made it’, and the leaves are jealous because dying is all they know. Autumn,
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I want to go on a date.
A nice, thoughtful, I-really-care-about-you-so-I-put-some-effort-into-planning-this, date.

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